From the short, Silver Lining Muse

Nervous. Took my sins to about a thousand churches

Took my winds where the end of the Earth is

Built a fence ’round my heart to keep the hurt in

It wasn’t working, failed to serve its purpose

Fell in love with danger, we flirted

Now all I have left are these verses

I didn’t look up from my deep darkness to see

The gates of Heaven that you’ve opened up for me

Hello my muse

Show me how to win, I have nothing to lose

My muse

I’m no longer a victim, moving on’s the path I choose

As my steps begin to order themselves

I walk the path that leads out of this Hell

You’ve picked me up despite how much I fell

Now hope is a feeling I want to know well

Don’t know you’ve chosen me

I’m captivated by your magic, your spell

I’ve been wanting so bad to feel free

And if I must say farewell

Please tell my muse

You’ve blessed me with your charm, your presence heals and soothes

My muse

I still can feel your arms wrapped around me like tattoos

Thank you, my muse

Thank you, my muse