I Can Make You See God

The tension between your shoulders is too thick for your small frame

You carry on the burden of your father in your name

They’ve all abandoned you, I bet, left you to fend all for yourself

Curious to know how much you’ve braved, you haven’t been the same

But I can make you see God

Just close your eyes and taste the glory at the tip of your tongue

Your story is much deeper than battles you haven’t won

Your journey is as long as four thousand sunrises

Deep enough to flood two Earths, and then some

I can make you know God

His message is etched into your face

Armor bound to your chest, blade strapped to your waist

Stature short, but standing tall

Feet planted and locked in place

I can make your hear God

He speaks love if you’re willing to listen

And those words will overpower every hateful tongue that had ever risen

You’ve cried in solace for a thousand nights too many

Time to lend an ear to the message you’ve been given

I can make you find God

It’s the chill you feel down in your bones

You’ve focused too much on yourself to see you’re not alone

The pieces have been picked up, it’s time to move along

And know wherever you go, with you, you carry home