freedom feels

freedom feels like a cool summer night,

being cradled by the warm, woven fabric of a hammock,

secured in its hold with quick sips of a brisk wine cooler.

it feels like the rush of a crisp, autumn breeze,

grazing the skin of your fingers

as you playfully lay a hand out the window of the backseat

and your eyes catch every glimpse

of the disappearing skyline in the background.

freedom is the calm of the ocean’s surface

distracting you from the uncertainties that exist beneath

it’s your favorite kind of EDM,

and it’s blaring screeches,

and it’s corresponding neon lights

dictating your drunken euphoria.

freedom is the immeasurable,



moments of discovery

that leave us pleasantly surprised with life’s offerings.

it’s knowing that losing

will only ever result in us gaining.

freedom is now and never over.

freedom awaits you along the border.